As Unseen Seer in Complete Mage, except:

  • Entry Requirements
    • Skills: Hide 8 ranks, Search 8 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks, Psicraft 4 ranks, Spot 8 ranks
    • Manifesting: Ability to manifest 1st-level psionic powers, including at least two clairvoyance powers.
  • Class Skills
    • Remove Spellcraft, add Psicraft
  • Class Features
    • Change all instances of "spellcasting" to "manifesting", "arcane" to "psionic", "spell" to "power", "divination" to "clairsentience", and "cast" to "manifest".
    • In place of Silent Spell, the psionic unseen seer gains Subtle Manifesting
      • Subtle Manifesting: at 2nd level, all your powers manifest without display, with no need for a concentration check to dispense with displays. You may still manifest a power with a display if you choose.