Some clerics and monks worship all gods equally, good and evil. Some others pick several gods to worship, mixing and matching dogmas to suit themselves. Perhaps worshipping Numiel while attempting to placate the Burning Hate, or revering both Sequoia's nature and Urmaggr's industry, and so on.

Once or twice a century, the high priests of all nine primary gods will meet in a godsmoot to discuss and debate some matter of universal importance. A godsmoot can only be called if three or more high priests agree to call one, but if a godsmoot is called, all are obligated to attend, even the pope of the Burning Hate.

Clerics of all gods may choose any domains, may be of any alignment, and may choose any one favored weapon. Their holy symbol resembles an octothorpe -- #. They generally wear robes of many colors.

Followers of all gods are frequently sovereign speakers (Faiths of Eberron).