Kuo-Toa territory is surrounded on all sides by merfolk territory and engineer territory, and the landmass of Gus and Omorashi to the west. They are reclusive and violent when outsiders enter their territory.

Look Gop is not the capitəl of Kuo-Toa territory, but it is the one most openly affiliated with the aboleths and skums. It is ruled by Kholn the Slime Lord. Look Gop, Bplaachalaam, and Kaang Kok share the allegiance of the smaller Kuo-Toa cities, towns, and villages, meaning Kuo-Toa territory is split into roughly three nations.


The population of kuo-toa territory is roughly 33 million individuals, in the following proportions:

  • 90% kuo-toa
  • 7% miscellaneous sea races
  • 3% skum


  • Bplaachalaam: Pop. 50,000, ruled by Tumesc the Cancer Lady
  • Kaang Kok: Pop. 20,000, ruled by Nergal the Skin Lady
  • Look Gop: Pop. 6,500, ruled by Kholn the Slime Lord
  • 33 Towns, ruled by Chiefs
  • 99 Villages, ruled by Hetmans