Humans excel at overcoming adversity with the tools available to them, and there are few things more adverse than a global flood. Humans were already the most prodigious seafaring race before the Inundation, so many human sailors survived on their ships. In the centuries since, they built new ships and barges with what scarce resources are available, acquired mangals from the elves and submarines from the engineers, and are thriving and as prosperous as ever.

Now, humans dwell on Shell, Romus, and the Omorashi Empire.

Human Racial TraitsEdit

As in Player's Handbook I and the d20 SRD, except:

  • For natives of the Omorashi Empire, add Omorashi to Automatic Languages. Omorashi is the national language of the Omorashi Empire.
  • For natives of Romus, add Celestial to Automatic Languages. Celestial is the national language of Romus.