Hafgufa, god of water, also called the avanc, the leviathan god, Lyngbakr, and Aspidochelone, is thought to be the ancestor of all cetaceans and the creator of merfolk, tritons, and locathah. It is worshipped by those races (each of whom considers themselves the epitome of seafolk, the final and most-well-crafted version of the divinely-designed template) and by sailors and others who trade on the sea, and those who fear the wrath of leviathans, whom they believe are sent by Hafgufa to punish those who displease it. Clerics of Hafgufa are welcome on any human or mongrelfolk ship.

Historically, merfolk, tritons, and locathah have generally raised up their own high priests, but occasionally a high priest will arise who can unite the worship of the three races. Currently, this high priestess is Ala, called the Apostle, a sirine who travels between the three territories.

It also demands tolls of any who pass over the water, rewarding those who offer pleasing sacrifices (usually of land-dwelling animals, charred and pitched into the sea) with fair winds and prosperity in trade and commerce.

Hafgufa often comes into conflict with the Burning Hate, and occasionally works together with Quasxthe, Dalya, and Sequoia.

Sacred to Hafgufa are all the animals and vermin of the sea, especially whales and leviathans, coral, cats, trade and commerce, and sea storms.

Hafgufa lives on the Hellish Plane of Water.

Hafgufa is neutral.

Hafgufa's holy symbol

His favoured weapon is the greatclub, often stylized to resemble a paddle, oar, or fin. Hafgufa's priests generally wear robes of sea blue.

His holy symbol is a white whale.

Hafgufa's holiest texts among the seafolk are four books collectively called the Descent of the People, detailing the histories of the merfolk, tritons, locathah, and sahuagin (though most sahuagin follow Quasxthe, they are officially considered only misguided, to be welcomed back into the fold once they abandon their heresy). Surface-dwelling followers of Hafgufa preach from other books, such as the Fin and the Oar.

Clerics of Hafgufa may choose from the Air, Animal, Blackwater, Celerity, Commerce, Creation, Darkness, Destruction, Endurance, Feast, Force, Hunger, Meditation, Ocean, Pride, Protection, Sand, Seafolk, Sloth, Storm, Trade, Travel, Water, or Weather domains.

Followers of Hafgufa are frequently rangers, swashbucklers (Complete Warrior), wavekeepers (Stormwrack), legendary captains (Stormwrack), elemental warriors of water (Planar Handbook), elemental savants of water (Complete Arcane), or horizon walkers (Dungeon Master’s Guide).