When the Inundation came, the Drow priestesses begged Mirk for aid. The god worked with the dark elves to move their entire society as a unit to the Deathly Plane of Shadow, where they have lived since.

In the chaos of the Inundation and the move to the Plane of Shadow, Matron Luthama of House Veri leveraged power over the priestesses and other matrons to unite the Drow under one banner in 30ii. Leading up to 484pi, a series of independence wars split the Drow again into many competing independent City-Houses.

The drow operate under a system of absolute enatic primogeniture -- eldest female child inherits -- but in practise this means the eldest surviving female child, as "unfortunate accidents" are common.

Drow Racial TraitsEdit

As in Monster Manual I or the d20 SRD, with the following exception:

  • Gain the Extraplanar subtype.

Historical High MatronsEdit

  • 30ii-17pi - Luthama Veri "the Uniter" - united the Drow under one banner
  • 17-23pi - Mècìre Veri
  • 23-74pi - Reréthi Veri "the Witch-Queen"
  • 74-86pi - Iÿami Elaye - usurped title in an uprising
  • 86-118pi - Óneathira Elaye "the Accursed" - placed under a curse by Gghaiggneggo the Careless, high priest of Quasxthe, in 101pi
  • 118-176pi - Sebecathadaro Elaye "the Dagger of Mirk"
  • 176-185pi - Çoka Elaye "the Blind"
  • 185pi - Nawara Aneca - usurped title in an uprising
  • 185-305pi - Ecateìba Aneca
  • 305-484pi - Sama'dadi Aneca "the Unready" - civil wars destroy the unity of the Drow

Current MatronsEdit

  • Ralilalotheye Veri "the Cannibal"
  • Overe'kecewa'larami Elaye "of a Thousand Faces"
  • Naca'cethire'enolo Aneca "the Black Spider"
  • Salaparena Bìribìri
  • Nemine Ethana "the Bastard"
  • Naquithe Rimati
  • Iÿe Fefu "the Undying" - has ruled House Fefu for over a thousand years, since 436ai
  • Fena Masami "the Boneless"
  • Fereth'acani Railaya
  • Enateci'quonelare Fisifo "the Flayer"
  • Wamonamova'afithi Thinere "the Strange"
  • Mefeye'lama Liquena "the Bane of Dragons"
  • Eceril'ethari Thiyira "the Wise"