With the resettlement of land, a popular cult, worshipping the beautiful goddess Dalya as the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and wisdom, has arisen, led by the charismatic priestess Majesty Birb. Dalya is tricksy, though, and isn't afraid to resort to underhanded methods to support her followers.

Love, agriculture, alcohol, apples, bees and other pollinators, songbirds and mischievous jays, youth, cats, freedom, art, and music are sacred to Dalya. Her festivals, which are mostly in the spring, tend to involve inordinate amounts of wine, dancing, and fornication.

Dalya smiles upon heterosexual relations, polygamy (polyandry and polygyny and any other combination), and prostitution. She encourages homosexuals and asexuals to adopt orphaned children, and often grants a blessing of children to the devout who can't normally bear them.

Dalya lives on the Celestial Plane of Light.

She hates both Urmaggr and the Burning Hate, and occasionally works with Sequoia, Numiel, and Hafgufa.

Dalya is Chaotic Good.

Clerics of Dalya may choose from the Chaos, Charm, City, Commerce, Community, Creation, Family, Feast, Gluttony, Good, Halfling, Healing, Joy, Luck, Lust, Passion, Planning, Plant, Pleasure, Renewal, Sloth, Summer, Trade, or Trickery domains.

For her favored weapon, a cleric of Dalya may choose between the sickle and the scythe.

Dalya's holy symbol

Dalya's holy symbol is a cornucopia (horn of plenty).

Clerics of Dalya generally wear robes of bright green.

The holy text of Dalya is the Hymnal, which contains a collection of upbeat hymns, ballads, and drinking songs.

Followers of Dalya are frequently bards, rogues, halfling paragons (Unearthed Arcana), halfling outriders (Complete Warrior), temple raiders of Olidammara (Complete Divine), or divine pranksters (Races of Stone).