Diving SuitEdit

This is an articulated suit of armor which contains a high-pressure oxygen tank and can be pressurized to maintain one atmosphere of pressure for the wearer. Normal movement is extremely difficult in this suit, but it has the advantage of protecting the wearer from hostile environments, particularly the depths of the ocean. While wearing this suit, a character can always breathe normally and takes no damage from water pressure. If the diving suit is punctured, for example by a piercing or slashing weapon which does damage through the suit, then its pressure-resistant properties are lost.

A diving suit costs 2,750 gp, has an armor bonus of +7, a max dexterity of +1, an armor check penalty of -10, an arcane spell failure chance of 75%, a speed of 20 (for a character whose base land speed is 30) or 15 (for a character whose base land speed is 20), and weighs 150 lbs.